Hundreds of hours experience flying this beauty.

1st day flying the Gulfstream :-)

Photo Piper PA44 Seminol
Instrument and multi engine training on the Piper Seminole PA44

Photo Robin R2160
Aerobatic rating with the Robin 2160
That was FUN!

Once upon a time, a man migrated from the Old World to the Land Of Opportunity. His plan was to start over a new life as a commercial pilot after his retirement from the military. It turned out the Land Of Opportunity has, some how, certain challenging opportunities. The man's European Commercial Pilot License gave him only the privileges of a Private Pilot in his new home. So he went back to school and studied, one more time, the science of aviation in order to obtain the FAA version of his Commercial Pilot License followed by the FAA Airline Transport Pilot License. Hundred hours of flight time later, he finally took his last check ride and overcame that challenge. Now he enjoys the new chapter of his life flying Hollywood Celebrities in a Gulfstream around the world....

Welcome to my webpage!

Here, you will find a short summery about me and useful information about general aviation.

Aviation, next to my family, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I started flying about twenty years ago, and obtained my EASA commercial pilot license about 10 years ago. After my retirement from the military, I proceeded with the training of an FAA commercial pilot at a really great flying school in Southern California.

Luckily, I was offered a unique opportunity flying, probably the best private jet in the world, the Gulfstream G-IV, and quickly earned my type rating through CAE in it as my first jet aircraft.

General Aviation has given me the chance to meet many interesting people all around the world.

Despite many obstacles to overcome, and the years it took, I am so glad I persisted and had such diverse experiences along the way, that I have achieved US ATP and EU CPL, and that I still love flying!